Ark Survival Evolved – How to get Chitin

Ark Survival Evolved – How to get Chitin

UPDATE: new dinos have been put in the game and the best way now is here:
I show you the best way to farm Chitin. Farm over 1000 per run and never run out again.
NOTE Hi peeps, Since they have changed the map now and added the swamp, also nerfed the amount of Chitin you get from a saber. Now I would get yourself a high level Toad, level up its damage and go around the edges of the swamp killing dragonflies and ants. Look out for dinos attacking the flies (dillos.raptors, snakes, crocs, etc) The toad with give you ready made Paste so you dont have to farm stone so much. I will create a new updated version when I have time 🙂

NOTE – Since they added Dragonflies, those have taken up some of the Ant spawn points so kill those as awell, and of course and Scorpions you see 😉
To kill the dragonflies, kill a dino then they will go to the body. When they do jump at the group that will kill most of them. Then back up a slope with them below you so they are at your sabers attack level.

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