Anxiety and ADHD: Natural Supports & Essential Oils

Anxiety and ADHD: Natural Supports & Essential Oils

Webinar taught by Annie Boerner – Neurological Therapist and Integrative Healthcare Practitioner. In this class, I explain what essential oils are and how to use them safely and effectively at home to help you navigate Anxiety and ADHD. I also teach a couple of other techniques you can use to help you get yourself out of “crisis mode”.

As a healthcare practitioner, having done a ton of research on dōTERRA and it’s competitors and taking into account the results of 3 major research hospitals, I advise everyone to either use dōTERRA essential oils or don’t use oils at all. At the time of this upload, they are the only company I can find that is being honest and transparent about what they put in their bottles and their oils are the only ones with the highest level of purity, potency, efficacy, and consistency.

I would love to help you get started using oils. We have a great deal of education and support ready and waiting for you to access online at your own convenience as well as in person!

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