Another Mudra and Aromatherapy for Headaches

Another Mudra and Aromatherapy for Headaches

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Today I am going to show you another mudra and aromatherapy for headaches

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How to Do the Trimukha Mudra for Headhaches:

With your palms facing each other, join the tips of your middle, ring and little fingers.

Sit in a comfortable seated position. Lengthen your spine, relax your shoulders and breathe naturally. Hold the mudra in front of your belly for 5-45 minutes. This mudra reduces headaches.

Resource: Mudras of India by Cain Carroll and Revital Carroll

Headache Aromatherapy Roll-On:

Roll on your temples and inner wrist after you get a headache or as a prevention.

Rosemary Essential Oil – has painkilling, anti-inflammatory, calming, yet stimulating properties to improve your alertness. It is a fabulous essential oil for headaches.

Lavender Essential Oil – one of the top essential oils for headaches for its tension and stress relieving properties

Peppermint Essential Oil – cooling, calming effect on body, one of top essential oils for headaches. It inhibits muscle contractions and stimulates blood flow when applied topically.

Geranium Essential Oil – alleviates anxiety, a contributing factor to tension headaches

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil is a calming oil, used to soothe muscle tension and nervous tension that contribute to tension headaches

Chamomile Essential Oil – soothes muscle tension that causes tension headaches, anxiety, fatigue, neck strain that are contributing factors to headaches

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