Anne-Marie Makes Charcoal Soap with Melt & Pour

Anne-Marie Makes Charcoal Soap with Melt & Pour

This Charcoal Melt and Pour Soap is formulated for oily facial skin. The combination of charcoal, tea tree essential oil, and tamanu oil leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

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This soap is easy to make, and is great for beginners. First, the activated charcoal is mixed into the tamanu oil and tea tree essential oil. This breaks up any clumps, and makes the activated charcoal easier to incorporate into the Aloe Vera Melt And Pour Soap Base.

Because this soap is meant to be used on the face, we used a very small amount of tea tree essential oil. If you prefer a stronger scent, you can add more if you like. In our tests, we found the amount of activated charcoal to be effective while not leaving a large amount of gray residue on wash cloths and sinks.

Charcoal Melt & Pour Soap Recipe:
6 Cavity Round Silicone Mold
22 oz. Aloe Vera Melt and Pour Soap Base
1 Tbs. Tamanu Oil
1 tsp. Activated Charcoal
4 mL Tea Tree Essential Oil
99% Isopropyl Alcohol in a Spray Bottle

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