An "Alzheimer's Diet?" Dietitian Amylee Amos Discusses The Bredesen Protocol

An "Alzheimer's Diet?" Dietitian Amylee Amos Discusses The Bredesen Protocol

On this week’s episode of The Sitch, Whitney English is chatting with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Amylee Amos of the Amos Institute about implementing The Bredesen Protocol – a type of “Alzheimer’s diet” aimed at slowing and reversing cognitive decline.

Amylee shares her advice for optimizing brain health through diet, exercise, and other lifestyle interventions such as brain training. She also discusses her thoughts on supplementation for Alzheimer’s patients including fish oil and CoQ10.

Amylee also explains the genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease such as APOE 4 status and how a mildly ketogenic, plant-based diet may stave off cognitive decline.

Skip ahead for the following topics:
9:54 fasting/time-restricted eating
10:50 – APOE 4
14:35 – how to test ketones
16:52 – general recommendations for brain health
18:53 – fish oil supplements
23:12 CoQ 10

For more on The Bredesen Protocol, get Dr. Dale Bredesen’s book, “The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline”:

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