Advantages of Cold Pressed Oils!

Advantages of Cold Pressed Oils!

Advantages of Cold Pressed Oils
Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils
Cold Pressed Oils Vs Refined Oils
Switch from refined oils to cold pressed oils

Just read on to know how and why cold pressed oil is better than refined oil. Know the differences between cold pressed oils vs refined oils.

Tune in to my earlier video on this topic where in it was explained the health hazards of using refined oil and why you have to switch from refined oils to cold pressed oils.

Firstly, cold pressed oils are extracted in a much better and softer manner than refined oils.. The process of refining oils involves passing the oil through hot temperatures which results in loss of essential nutrients and vitamins. The process alters molecules in unfavourable ways.

Fat soluble vitamins are retained in the cold pressed oil. Fat soluble vitamins are Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. This is one of the advantages of cold pressed oil.

Secondly, refined oils are hazardous as their consumption results in vitamin deficiency and hormonal imbalances, particularly affecting women more. Cold pressed oils are free from this risk.

Thirdly, anti oxidants are lost in refined oils due to the process of refining oil. These anti oxidants are important for the body as they counter the toxins and free radicals. Toxins and free radicals build up in our body due to the high levels of dust, water or smoke pollution that we are exposed to us in the current day life. Consumption of food grains produced by using pesticides, junk and packaged foods, foods treated with preservatives and chemicals etc fill up our body with high dosage of toxins and free radicals. Also, human body is not tuned to digest such artificial food stuffs, resulting in damaging our digestive system and piling up of toxins and free radicals and killing our cells. It is ideal to eat anti-oxidant rich foods which will neutralize the free radicals. Cold pressed oils have these anti oxidants in abundance and hence good for our body.

Now that you know the benefits and cold pressed oils, eat wisely.