Acute -Chronic PARONYCHIA Treatments

Acute -Chronic PARONYCHIA Treatments

DISCLAIMER * I want to let you all know that I did NOT get this infection due to nail tools, files or pumice stones. My cuticles are usually in great condition so there is no need for me to push them or trim them with my cuticle nippers. (however you should always be gentle with cuticle pushers of any kind and make sure they are well disinfected) . The underlying agent of infection in chronic paronychia is most commonly the candida yeast, but it can also be a fungus and bacteria. Because yeasts and fungi grow well in moist environments, this infection is often caused by having feet or hands in water much of the time. Which is what happened in my case. Too much water exposure.

Paronychia is caused by : Germs (bacteria). These tend to cause sudden-onset (acute) nail-fold infections which are painful.
Candida. This is a yeast (a type of fungus) and is another common cause. …
Other germs (microbes). These include viruses and other fungi. Lowered immune systems can also be the cause of an infection that can occur anywhere in the body and it manifests in either a cold sore, or oral infections like canker sores or in this case a paronychia infection or other types of more invasive infections.

Here is an article you can read about Paronychia and what causes it:

You can find Tea tree oil at Trader Joes if you live in the States

All other antibiotics and ointments can be found at your local drug store or Walmart.
If the infection persists be sure to check with your doctor for underlining causes .

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