Acupressure Mat & Essential Oils – Tips to Fall Asleep Quickly |Renewal Fitness Coaching

Acupressure Mat & Essential Oils – Tips to Fall Asleep Quickly |Renewal Fitness Coaching

Struggle to fall asleep or sleep well? Try this simple nighttime routine for better sleep.

1. Start with foam rolling to relax your muscles and take your mind off of other things. Focus on how your body feels and getting tight areas to loosen up and feel better so you can reduce discomfort and pain before and during bed. (get foam rollers 15% off with code Holly15 here:

2. Diffuse some lavender essential oil into the air. Try one of these:
– Aura Cacia:
– Young Living:
– Aromatherapy Singles:
Or rub on lavender oil, like this Aura Cacia one:
3. Lie down on the ProSource Acupressure Mat for 10-20 minutes.
Get the Acupressure Mat 15% off here: Use code: Holly15
Make sure you have the lights off and blue light out of the room (i.e. cell phone). Breathe deeply to calm your mind and body and begin to let your mind drift. When you are almost asleep, quickly switch into your bed and enjoy a restful night of sleep!

Big thank you to for the tranquil background music!

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