Aches and Pains Joint Balm | Sesquiterpenes | Recipe 0074

Aches and Pains Joint Balm | Sesquiterpenes | Recipe 0074


This soothing balm is a gem and really works with joint pain. It has the right combination of pain relieving and anti-inflammatory oils such as sesquiterpene rich Balsam Copaiba, Ginger CO2, Juniper, Plai and Spike Lavender… The warriors all lined up to come to the rescue!

Let us know but in the meantime, here is my logic….

Brazilian Balsam Copaiba helps relieve pain and inflammation, especially relating to unwanted muscle tension, eases painful muscle spasms as well as being skin nourishing. Emotionally it soothes and protects. Used to help heal old, deep emotional wounds. We need to remember that with chronic pain, a part of it is emotional pain too. Ginger C02 packs quite a punch and adds to the anti-inflammatory benefits. It is also analgesic and a perfect addition in arthritis blends, especially if it is triggered by cold and damp. is added for these properties, skin-cleansing properties immune stimulant, calming to the mind and lovely pre sleep. Aromatically it is lovely with the resinous oils.

Emotionally Juniper essential oil revitalizes and restores. The Fourth oil is Plai. On a physical level it is a very effective analgesic while emotionally, it is settling and calming. Our final oil is Spike Lavender. This aromatically distinctive oil is rich in monoterpenols and oxides, it adds the final touch to the blend by offering pain relief but bringing with it the emotional support and harmonising effect that is such a gift from the Lavender plant family.

To complete the picture, the base of Arnica and Tamanu oils with beeswax is soothing, healing and therapeutic. It is easy to use and blends gently on the skin.

This powerful blend is 47% sesquiterpene and 22% caryophyllene rich. I simply adore this blend. What do you think?

Leave us your comments below especially if you try this recipe. We would love to know your experiences, substitutes and thoughts! Happy blending

Your LabAroma Team x