7 Health Benefits Of Argan Oil

7 Health Benefits Of Argan Oil

7 health benefits of Argan Oil. Need to add something to a meal to boost its health benefits? How about something to protect your skin? Heals wounds faster? Yep, Argan Oil can do all this and more.

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Skin Care: 00:52
Hair Care: 02:10
Make Your Nails Look Nicer too: 02:37
Your Heart Loves It: 03:30
Your Stomach Loves It, Too: 04:03
Heals Wounds Faster: 05:04
Might Help Prevent Diabetes: 05:36


Skin Care
Vitamin E is also kinda cool because the body sort of saves it for later, and only uses it when it needs it. This means Vitamin E is fat-soluble for those who wanna get a bit technical. Argan oil is commonly used to treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema and even psoriasis because of its anti inflammatory properties. Plus if you’re worried about early signs of aging, argan oil is good for that too! It has compounds that can help keep the elasticity of your skin, which in turn, can prolong the signs of aging.

Hair Care
For that split end issue we were just talking about, turns out you can apply argan oil directly to the ends of your hair and that should help.

Make Your Nails Look Nicer Too
Cue the argan oil! Because of its natural antibacterial properties argan oil can help fight of possible fungal and bacterial infections that can form on your nail beds.

Your Heart Loves It
Eating foods that contain oleic acid like avocados, fatty fish and dark chocolate have been known to protect your heart.

Your Stomach Loves it, Too
Believe it or not your stomach is pretty complicated. There’s a bunch of bacteria in there and basically a whole ecosystem of things your gut needs in order to function properly.

Heals Wounds Faster
It does have the potential to help speed up the healing process.

Might Help Prevent Diabetes
There’s been some studies done on animals that show argan oil could help prevent diabetes all together, reducing blood sugar and insulin resistance.

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