7 chakras explained I 5 Tips to balance your energy centers I Prana energy explained

7 chakras explained I 5 Tips to balance your energy centers I Prana energy explained

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7 chakras explained I 5 Tips to balance your energy centers
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Before we go deeper into chakra let’s discuss what is Prana. Prana is the fuel running both Physical and Energy body. Prana is referred with different names in different cultures Chi , Ki , Life Force Energy, call it what you will, the living body, human or animal, radiates its warmth and energy. To balance these energies we use different practices ChiGong for Chi, Reiki for Ki and Pranayanama for Prana.

Its recognized that this energy in our system is looking for an expression. Also this energy gets expressed in different ways within different people depending on their Karma. Karmic memory essentially directs this energy in a positive or negative direction.
According to tantra our lifes are not measured in the number or years, months and day but in the number of breath we take. So we breath fast and shallow we die young and use up the prana faster. The key is to breath deep and slowly.
Prana can be compared to electricity. Just like electricity can express through a light bulb to bring light in the room, the same electricity can express through “Electric Chair” for death punishment. In other words the way this Prana is handled within the body is subject to the level of awareness the person is operating from.

In vedic system these levels are referred to as 7 Chakras or different levels of our awareness.

Here are the 7 chakras
Root chakra
Sacral chakra
Solar plexus chakra
Heart chakra
Throat chakra
Third eye
Crown chakra
Large amount of dormant energy called “kundalini” or serpent power is stored at the base of the root chakra and can be activated through chakra meditation.

There are many different forms of healing developed across different cultures to balance the energies. Here are the 5 ways to bring overall balance and harmony throughout all the chakras in the body.

Yoga : Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years as an effective tool to improve physical, mental and spiritual harmony. The world yoga is a sanskrit word and means Union of individual consciousness and cosmic consciousness. Find a local yoga studio and make it a habit.

2. Pranayama : Control of Prana or breathing. This breathing techniques can be combined with Yoga postures and locks (holding patterns) is called Kriya Yoga. An important and useful pranayama can be practiced is called Alternate nostril breathing. Please refer my Alternate nostril breathing video to go in detail. I will link in the description.

3. Mudras: Mudra means “Seal” Mudra is a body and finger posture. Mudras have been used for thousands of years in indian spiritual practices to seal the prana in the body. Mudras are integrated in classical indian dances. According to ayurveda most of the energy imbalances are a result of imbalances of the five body elements. Mudras achieves to bring equilibrium of the basic elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether by using fingers of our hands in a scientific manner. I will be doing a future video on the mudra.

4. Mantra Meditation: Various cultures promote meditation but the ultimate aim is to promote tranquil state of mind devoid of thoughts and connection to universal consciousness. Chakra meditation. Fundamental mantras associated with the first five chakras on every website you can Google actually do not belong to those chakras per se, but rather to the five Elements installed in them. Elements such as Earth, water, fire, air and ether

5. Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is the modern way of using plant essential oils to promote physical and mental wellbeing. Used as a form of medicine throughout ages, essential oils are rhe most gentle gifts of nature to us and promote prana by balanceing the elements in the body. Essential oils work at different levels physical, physiological and psychological levels.

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