5 Steps to Create Super Healthy Skin – Podcast #74

5 Steps to Create Super Healthy Skin – Podcast #74

5 Steps to Create Super Healthy Skin – Podcast #74

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In this video podcast, Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand talk about conventional approaches to the skin as well as some of the unconventional approaches. Learn why food does matter in this podcast episode. Find out how you can build healthy skin as they discuss what you need to do when it comes to getting protein, fats, and other nutrients into your diet.

Start with the recommended 5 steps for optimal skin health and see the difference it does to your skin. Discover the action steps you can do to calm your nervous system and avoid chronic stress which leads to bad skin. But remember to get that diet and lifestyle dialed in first. Listen to this interview and learn why the conventional approach does not address the root cause of unhealthy skin and get to know some organic skincare products which are great for the skin.

In this episode, topics include:

1:13 Food and skin health

3:10 Diet and lifestyle

6:33 Chronic stress

10:57 Conventional approach

13:18 Functional medicine strategy

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