5 Most Popular Essential Oils Migraine and Headache Sufferers Use To Beat Their Pain

5 Most Popular Essential Oils Migraine and Headache Sufferers Use To Beat Their Pain

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In this video I cover the 5 most popular essential oils used by migraine and headache sufferers to beat their pain

I cover why we should use essential oils which are because anything we can add to our pain tool box is a big help and because essential oils have even been clinically studied for their effectiveness in this area.

Then I cover some precautions that need to be followed to stay safe and avoid injury when using essential oils.

The 5 most popular essential oils used are:
And I list tiger balm as a separate entity since its not an essential oil.

I also go into how to use essential oils by:
Diluting with a carrier and applying to different areas of the body for relief
Rubbing into hands and inhaling
Adding to a diffuser
Adding a few drops to an epsom salt bath

Here are the links to oils:

The two most well studied are peppermint and lavender and you can see their studies here:

I also talk about stopain which is a clinically studied menthol gel for migraine relief which you can find here:

For more information on essential oils see our article on the #1 Best peppermint essential oil recipe for headaches here:

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