5 Best Essential Oils For Back Pain Relief

5 Best Essential Oils For Back Pain Relief

5 Best Essential Oils For Back Pain Relief

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In this video, I will talk about 5 essential back pain oils and methods for using these oils.

There are a variety of methods for using essential oils.

Depending on your situation, you may want to use them at home, or incorporate them into your next massage therapy appointment.

Check out these basic steps for each method.

1. A diffuser.

This is one of the most common ways to use essential oils.

You can breathe them through a diffuser, which you can place in your car or your home.

A diffuser releases the essential oil for up to an hour.

2. You can also use essential oils topically, but only after diluting them.

Be sure to pick up a carrier oil such as coconut, olive or almond oil and dilute your essential oil using a 1:12 ratio.

You can use a warm cloth to then topically apply the oil to the affected area.

3. A hot bath.

After drawing a hot bath, you can add about 6-8 drops of your essential oil.

A hot bath promotes relaxation, while also getting the medicinal properties of the essential oil.

4. Massage therapy.

Talk to your massage therapist about using essential oils during your next appointment.

An expert will know what essential oils would be ideal for your medical situation.

This approach is great for making the most of your relaxed muscles and nervous system.


These five essential oils have proven results for pain management.

Specifically, they can help reduce muscle pain, tension, swelling, soreness, and inflammation.

For back pain, these anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for getting your back pain-free and healthy once again.


Eucalyptus is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and immune-boosting properties.

It’s good for muscle pain and joint aches, which is ideal for your back pain.

In addition, it’s good for boosting your immune system against flu and colds, as well as respiratory infections and skin reactions.


Ginger is another well-known anti-inflammatory oil. It’s been proven to help pain management in recent studies.

In one study, for example, it showed significant results in reducing lower back pain during Swedish massage.


Lavender has multiple uses.

For example, it’s good for reducing stress, insomnia, and headaches, Moreover, it’s useful for treating skin rashes and burns, as well as headaches.

Its soothing and sedative properties make it an ideal essential oil before bed.


Peppermint includes the compound menthol, which is known for its “cooling” properties.

Menthol is a great anti-inflammatory, which is perfect for back pain.

It’s also known to help painful and achy muscles, as well as reduce muscle spasms.

Peppermint has shown good results for reducing headaches, itches, and infections.


Another anti-inflammatory knew to reduce stress, insomnia, and pain.

Marjoram is a top pain management essential oil that’s good for reducing muscle tension typically found in back pain.

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