5 Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

5 Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

5 Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil. First of all so many people that have budgetary constraints to get sandalwood, frankincense, or another high end oil. They need the benefits but cannot afford it.

Cedarwood oil is very budget friendly, its “Poor mans/womans sandalwood”. Cedarwood is fantastic for so many things.

SLEEPING! Use it in the tranquil roll-on or in the diffuser before bed.

CIRCULATION IN THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: Promotes healthy and moving lymph system. Cedarwood helps your water system, which is your lymph.

Cedarwood, grapefruit, and cypress oils are great in a massage oil base. Helps support and maintain healthy lymphatic circulation.

OUTDOORS: Cedarwood helps with outdoor annoyances. Plants have the their defense systems built in, it’s the essential oil. Why not use the plants right on us to protect us?
Jen also likes to use Cedarwood essential oil around her horses eyes when she’s going outdoors in conjunction with a fly spray.

BRAIN FOG: Cedarwood on the back of the next for when your brain needs more oxygen. When your brain is running on fumes, it helps! Diffuse or apply it.

HAIR HEALTH: Use your hair as a diffuser. Promotes beautiful hair and when you apply it in your hair you get the lasting affect of the benefits and aroma ALL DAY LONG.

5 Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Questions or you want to get cedarwood essential oil, visit Jen

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