4061P2 E3 PEM Meditation Trailer06 AML マッサージ 마사지

4061P2 E3 PEM Meditation Trailer06 AML マッサージ 마사지

4061P2 E3 ATAC PEM Meditation F613 マッサージ 마사지

LDEM PMM Massage Theory 2019 0227
PEM & LDM – A health study and research by NMRC in 2019:
PEM – Partners Energizing Meditation
LDM – Lymphatic Detoxification Massage
This energizing massage experiment is part of the research on long term physical care and mental relaxation for both partners.
Massaging abdomen, Groins, Thighs, Bladder Ren-Mai not only stimulates visceral functions but also benefits detoxification and relieving from toxified type of skin and visceral inflammation.
Deep Tissue Visceral Massage on pelvic organs and tissues removes excess water from bladder, genitalia and colons with natural process when using anti inflammatory essential oil product.
After removing excess water, pelvic organs and tissues are able to absorb more essential nutrition and increase energy level more efficiently.
It results in better health and more energetic female & male sexual organs, and both partners could better prevent various SD (sexual dysfunctions).

4061P2 E3 ATAC PEM
Anti Tumors Anti Cysts Partner Energizing Meditation
F613 Part 2 LDEA PMEM
Lymph Detoxification Energizing Acupressure
Partner Mutual External Meditation
18:00 Episode 3 –
MtoF LDEA Posterior Anterior Trunk FtoM GEM Penis MEM Penis Perineum Vulva
MtoF LDEA LDrSt Posterior Trunk Back Waist Buttock Bladder Channel Gall Bladder Channel
Lymph Detoxification Energizing Acupressure Lymph Drainage Scratching Ox Horn Scraper
FtoM GEM Genital External Meditation Hands on Penis
MtoF MEM Genital Mutual External Meditation Penis on Anus Perineum Vulva
MtoF LDEA LDrSt Anterior Chest Breast Abdomen Groin Ren-Mai 6 Yin Channels
MtoF MEM Genital Mutual External Meditation Penis on Mons pubis Vulva Groins

Both concentrate and relax at the same time for getting best brain waves.
More education –
18:00 mins 4061P2 E3
56 mins 4061P2

This video was produced by NMRC, Roseraie.ca, Aromamassagelife
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