4 Essential Oils for Headache Relief and How to Use Them

4 Essential Oils for Headache Relief and How to Use Them

4 Essential Oils for Headache Relief and How to Use Them

Nearly every person on the planet has experienced headache. You may not always be sure what is the cause of the headache because there are numerous causes.

Some of them are hormones, fatigue, allergies, stress, low blood sugar, nutritional deficiencies, poor posture and drug and alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, the cause can also be a combination of the causes mentioned above.

When people think of a headache, the first thing they think to treat it with is a painkiller. However, bear in mind that painkillers can have severe side effects such as liver and kidney damage.

Also they do not deal the cause of the problem, they just solve it at the moment.

The next time you experience a headache, or maybe you experience headaches frequently, consider solving the problem using natural remedies. Perhaps you have already tried some, but have you tried the right one? We are recommending essential oils.

Why essential oils? Because they effectively and safely treat the trigger of a headache, at the same time they can get to the cause of your problem. Remember that the essential oils do not work temporarily.

Also, you can have the control of the amount and the dose of the essential oils; you can adjust it yourself according to your headache.

The Way Essential Oils Helps

In case of a migraine and headache people most commonly use pain relievers. However, the essential oils are safer and more efficient alternative.

The essential oils can reduce stress, help circulation and can provide relief. Other that the numerous health benefits the essential oils also boost the immune system.

In women the hormonal changes are one primary cause of a headache. How? Well, what can trigger a headache are the fluctuations in estrogen, especially during or before their period. Because that is when the levels of estrogen drop.

Also, there are some women that because of the hormonal imbalances have migraines during menopause or pregnancy. But you should know that hormonal medications might make the headaches worse, that is why we recommend essential oils.

The essential oil treatment is natural and gentle, unlike the drugs. Soothing oils that are used to help with hormonal imbalances and PMS symptoms as a migraine and headaches are rosemary oil and lavender. Rosemary and lavender oil can ease tension and relieve your pain.

Stress is a major trigger for a headache. You can reduce stress by using peppermint and lavender oil aromatically. Also the change in your sleeping patterns can cause a headache.

In such case, you can use lavender oil due to the fact that it works like a mild sedative. The lavender oil can help if you lack sleep or suffer from insomnia.

Sinus pressure, specific foods, allergies and intense physical exertion can also trigger headaches. You can eliminate or at least minimize the triggers with essential oils. These astonishing oils can treat almost any health problem.

Essential Oil For Headache Relief

1. Lavender Oil

The lavender oil has many therapeutic properties. It works like a sedative, anticonvulsant, calming, anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and anxiolytic agent and also as a sedative. That is why it can relieve your tension and stress and also prompt relaxation.

There is evidence that is effective for neurological disorders and conditions.

Researchers report the topical and aromatic use of the lavender oil because of its primary constituents linalyl acetate, and linalool can affect the limbic system. The primary constituents absorb rapidly into the skin. Also it can lead to depression of the central nervous system.

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