3 Recipes for All Natural Perfume – DIY With or Without Alcohol

3 Recipes for All Natural Perfume – DIY With or Without Alcohol

Here is 3 easy recipes for all natural DIY spray perfume (or natural deodorant) with or without alcohol. Food grade alcohol makes a great natural liquid perfume medium as it evaporates quickly and has no smell. Food grade alcohol is much less drying on the skin as opposed to rubbing alcohol and contains no harsh chemicals and additives. The higher the alcohol content, the easier perfume oils will mix in.

The third recipe calls for witch hazel as the perfume medium. Witch hazel has a small alcohol content (generally 18% or less) and is excellent for skin applications. The downside to using witch hazel is that the perfume oils separate easily from the witch hazel extract and the solution must be shaken vigorously prior to each application.

For fragrance oils, you can use your favorite essential oils or blends, or you can used naturally derived perfume oils which are a great option so you don’t smell like an herbal medicine cabinet.

Here are a couple links to our fav’s: (*not affiliate links)

A great place to find high quality organic essential oils is

Glass spray bottles can be found at

* Please Note: 195 Proof grain alcohol can not be purchased in all states. We do NOT promote the consumption of alcohol but most especially that high of alcohol content. Please make your perfume responsibly ; )

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