114. Dr. Nick Berry // A Guide to the Alchemy, Geometry & Art-Magic of Essential Oils

114. Dr. Nick Berry // A Guide to the Alchemy, Geometry & Art-Magic of Essential Oils

Dr. Nick Berry is the proprietor of Essential Oil Wizardry, which is, I dare say, the leading essential oils company in the world. Sorry, doTerra. But not sorry. Because Nick has definitely set the standard for essential oils, with custom extraction methods and meticulously harvested and crafted blends. I mean, he’s using ultrasonic technology, he’s amplifying the oils with targeted frequencies in crystal bowls, he’s imprinting the oils with orgonite, mixing in ormus. He’s an artist, magician and alchemist in the purest sense of the words.

What’s more, he takes a holistic approach to health and wellness that supports mind, body and spirit. He’s a licensed pharmacist with a diverse background integrating the study of plants, pharmacology, alchemy, superfoods, therapeutic-grade essential oils and nutrition.

Needless to say, Nick knows his shit. And hopefully after some time with him, you’ll know some shit too – and hopefully be at least somewhat curious about incorporating essential oils into your daily health and wellness regimen.

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CO2 extracts, floral absolutes & ultrasonic extracts
Ormus, monoatomic minerals & live oil infusions
Orgonite & crystals
Plant consciousness & plant intelligence
Some oil recommendations for common illnesses, pain relief, digestion, immune support, lucid dreaming, negative energy, psychic protection, botanical perfumes


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