10 Healthy Brain Food | Boost Your Brain Memory Fast

10 Healthy Brain Food | Boost Your Brain Memory Fast

The brain is a vital organ of the body. We often hear someone telling that the person is very sharp and intelligent; their IQ levels are too high. Well, the brain is responsible for multiple functions in the body and specially performs the role of co-ordination.

Hence, here are some of the list of essential and healthy brain foods.

✦ Dark Chocolates

This is a yummy treat for the brain!!
You can munch on some dark chocolates several times in a week. As a caution, always prefer dark chocolates which have 70-80% cocoa. These chocolates have a slightly bitter taste but are excellent for the mind and body.

✦ Coconut Oil

It is not just a natural beauty product but also one of the best oils for the brain.
Coconut oil is a natural agent to boost memory power and acts as an anti-inflammatory substance to prevent inflammation of cells.
Cook food using coconut oil to see its benefits in the long run.

✦ Eggs

Being very high in protein, it is one of the healthy brain foods.
The egg yolk is rich in Choline which is responsible for brain development in both the children and the adults. Also, eggs can keep you happy!! You heard it right; eggs break down the hormones in the body which make you happy. So eat an egg and stay happy all day.

✦ Broccoli

Broccoli is considered to be an excellent brain foods. After all, it has a high content of vitamin K and Choline in it to sharpen the memory power.

✦ Blueberries

Blueberries are one such example of healthy brain foods which do not spoil the taste buds.
Munch on some blueberries regularly for a healthy brain. They are rich in all the essential vitamins and fibre. Vitamin C and vitamin K which relieves stress from the brain. It helps in regeneration of brain cells thereby keeping your brain healthy.

✦ Celery

Celery is a wonder food. It has zero cholesterol, less in calories, packed with essential vitamins and minerals and a super food for the brain.
Which prevent inflammation of the brain cells and keeps them healthy. It is also rich in anti-oxidants and has lot of benefits.

✦ Avocado

It is essential to include avocado in your diet because it prevents blood clotting in the brain. It has high content of essential Vitamins like Vitamin B, C, K and boosts memory power. Eat fresh avocado directly as a fruit or have a milkshake multiple times in a week to maintain brain health.

✦ Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the best oil for both brain and the body. The extra virgin olive oil is immensely useful for curing brain diseases like Alzheimer’s as it inhibits the toxins entering the brain.
Include extra virgin olive oil in your salads and noodles to increase memory power.

✦ Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamins. It prevents degeneration of brain cells and restores the mental ability.
This helps to boost memory power and slows down the process of degeneration.
It is mostly recommended to have at least 2 servings of green leafy vegetables in a day to prevent inflammation of brain cells and keep the brain healthy.

✦ Salmon

Salmons are one of the complete brain foods, very rich in omega-3 fatty acid which improves concentration. It is a great food to fight against cancer and brain tumors.
Include salmon in your diet and you could see a big difference in your memory power and simultaneously prevent any diseases related to the brain.

Our diet is an important factor in our wellbeing. We should always make the right choices for a healthy living.

Along with good food, incorporating some form of exercise keeps our mind and soul healthy.

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