10 Health Benefits of Galbanum Essential Oil

10 Health Benefits of Galbanum Essential Oil

Galbanum plant is native to Iran though it is grown in North India and Afghanistan. The flower has a distinct fruity aroma with floral tinge. It is this aroma that makes galbanum essential oil a necessary ingredient in different varieties of fragrances. Apart from that, essential oil which is extracted from the roots in form of resin, hardened to tear drops and then steam distilled, has various medicinal properties as well. We will discuss them here.

1. Anti-Arthritic Properties
Galbanum essential oil stimulates our circulatory system as well as detoxifies our body, thus serves as a natural cure for different types of arthritis including rheumatic. It improves the flow of blood in our body, especially in our joints. It also cleanses our body of excess water, salt, and uric acid, in short, gout and arthritis causing factors.

2. Healing Properties
Galbanum essential oil can almost miraculously heal the wounds, especially the open ones. It aids in gathering of leucocytes and platelet in the affected area. This further prevents any microbial infection of the injury, so the wound dries up fast and heals quickly.

3. Quick Healing of Internal Wounds
Galbanum essential oil effectively cures internal wounds like ulcers, sores and lymph. Few sessions of aromatherapy can yield amazing results.

4. Cicatrisant
Scars in body, especially face, is the most embarrassing thing that happens to anyone. Galbanum essential oil diminishes this scar and eventually it disappears. This scar can be of anything from surgery to acne and pox to scratch. This oil accelerates the tissue growth in the skin of affected area.

5. Natural Diuretic
Galbanum oil aids in frequent urination. This is very helpful for elderly and kidney patients who have problems in urinary system. With every passage of urine, body washes away unwanted toxins. It also cools down the body.

6. Decongestant
It can be a boon during the onset of winter when everyone in the family is either coughing, sneezing or down with cold and flu. It clears the congestion in nasal pathways, trachea, bronchi, lungs, larynx and pharynx.

7. Soothes Nerves
Due to excessive stress and psychosomatic disorder our brain nerves are tensed. They cause severe headaches, sleeplessness and irritability. Galbanum essential oil combined with lemon, rose, grapefruit and orange oil can give relief by soothing these tensed nerves.

8. For Eternal Youth
Galbanum essential oil can stop premature aging of skin. Wrinkles disappear, stretch and fat marks vanish and the sagging skin is tightened and toned with regular usage of this oil. Aromatherapy with galbanum essential oil revitalizes the ageing skin.

9. Cure for Insect Bites
The resin from which galbanum essential oil is extracted has miraculous power to heal your body from snake and insect bites. It can even cure skin problems like abscesses. For best results, mix it with wheat germ oil and almond oil and apply to the skin six times a day.

10. Antispasmodic
Muscular spasms, muscle pulls and cramps are very common in young adolescents and sportsmen. Massage of galbanum essential oil relieves you from this pain. It relaxes the muscles and nerves and you bounce back to your old lifestyle quickly.

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