10 Great Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety In 5 Minutes or Less

10 Great Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety In 5 Minutes or Less

You are exhausted after a hard working day but can’t fall asleep. Too many disturbing thoughts, too many things you consider problems. Such a situation is familiar to many of us. How to let everything that bothers you go away? And how to turn on a “positivity” switch in your brain? First of all, try changing your diet. Too much fast food in the diet and constant overeating negatively affect connections between brain cells. In addition, eating too much fast food may cause depression.

The road to self-improvement must start with adopting a positive mental attitude. For example, you can write down your worries. It will help you to stop constantly trying to remember which things you should be worried about. After that, your brain will direct its power not to memorizing but to looking for a solution to your problems. Interested? Here’re some other simple techniques that will teach your mind not to concentrate on bothersome thoughts!

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Write down your worries 0:48
Do physical exercises 1:37
Meditate 2:20
Use the Internet less 2:52
Keep your hands occupied 3:30
Use aroma oils 4:00
Speak about your worries 5:02
Repeat your worries several times in your head 5:34
Think about external factors 6:10
Analyze and categorize your worries 6:40

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– An interesting idea is to organize special “worry-time.” Make a list of the things that trouble you, and try to shoo away your negative thoughts until it’s “worry-time.” Only then you can scan the list you have created. It teaches your brain to get through your day in a worry-free manner.
– It turns out that when you exercise, your body doesn’t feel a strong physical display of stress. Therefore, your brain interprets it in the way that there are fewer things to worry about.
– Meditation is a perfect instrument to train the mind! It increases the activity in a special part of your brain that is responsible for worrying. What is more, it keeps you in the present.
– Research conducted recently has shown that those people whose communication is mostly limited to online social networks have more anxiety issues.
– If you do something repetitive with your hands, be it knitting or washing dishes, it might help you to decrease worry and stress!
– The aroma of some essential oils can be used to decrease the level of worry and stress. At the top of the list we can find lavender essential oil, which has a relaxing and calming effect, reduces anxiety and stress.
– It is quite effective to talk your problems through with the people you are close to. They may provide some useful advice. Or it might help you to see the things in perspective.
– Are you sure that something worrying you is indeed your problem? Emotions can be transmitted between humans. If people you spend a lot of time with tend to be anxious and prone to worry, they can “infect” you with their feelings.
– If it is something that is very likely to happen – well, you have all the rights to feel nervous! However, if you truthfully admit to yourself that there is a very slim chance of your worry to become true, just let it go!
– Try to imagine the worst outcome of your problem. After doing this in 90 percent of cases, you will realize that, in fact, the perspectives don’t look really that gloomy.

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