10 Easy Ways to Deal With Anxiety at Any Age

10 Easy Ways to Deal With Anxiety at Any Age

What is anxiety? It forms in our brain as a response to stressful situations. Our body reacts quickly to produce adrenaline, which helps us to fight or run away from the source of danger. The same thing happened when our ancestors met a predator. Today, however, this bodily reaction can be provoked by way less terrifying events: a breakup, job change, or even mundane conversation with your boss!

Instead of listening to our body when it screams, “Run!” we suppress our emotions the best way we can. You can’t control the adrenaline your body has already produced. That’s why this feeling of anxiety stays with you even when the main irritant is long gone.

How anxiety works 0:33
Ask yourself questions 1:46
Repeat the situation that makes you anxious 2:11
Write it down 2:45
Reduce your anxiety to an absurdity 3:11
Relax 3:37
Exercise 4:15
Be more active 4:42
Distract yourself 5:12
Eat a banana or drink a cup of tea 5:40
Add aromas 6:16
Panic attacks 6:49

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– Psychologists are sure that some people are more prone to anxiety than others. It largely depends on one’s temperament, upbringing, and the number of stressful situations they’ve faced before.
– When you start to analyze the situation, your anxiety slowly fades because your brain is too focused on finding solutions.
– The more you find yourself in a situation that scares you, the sooner you’ll gain full control over your anxiety.
– If you tend to go back to the same thoughts over and over again, let it out! Write about your feelings.
– Just when you reduce the situation to absolute absurdity, it’ll become so funny that the idea that scared you before will turn into the most hilarious thing ever.
– Anxiety takes a toll not only on your mind but on your body too. This often leads to chronic tension and even muscle spasms.
– If your line of work involves sitting behind a desk all day long, make sure you take small breaks every hour or so to do a couple of easy exercises.
– Being anxious is the best time to dive into your hobby! You can draw, write poetry, read, watch TV, or do anything else that draws your attention away from worrying thoughts completely.
– If you’re prone to anxiety, make it a habit to always carry a banana with you. It’s an irreplaceable source of folic acid, magnesium, potassium, and other elements that are crucial for your nervous system’s stable work.
– Scented candles, essential oils, different fragrances — all of these should be in your home if anxiety is your frequent companion.
– You can face an even more serious condition: panic attacks. They usually take you completely by surprise.

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