?Smart Student's Guide? to Essential Oils ???[DIY]

?Smart Student's Guide? to Essential Oils ???[DIY]

Smart Student’s Guide to Essential Oils:

The sense of smell has a strong link to your cognitive performance, but it’s largely misunderstood. In this video, I will discuss how I like to use essential oils to supercharge my own and my client’s learning productivity.

Essential Oils can impact kids and young adults in a powerful way. I love the idea of taking charge of the process and creating my own blend. Pick something that will help you feel good as studying takes up a lot of energy and willpower. Try to find something that smells pleasant to help yourself get through a long study session.

If you are like e and don’t really enjoy the scent of lavender oil, you shouldn’t feel like you have to use it. The research that was done on essential oils shows TINY improvement. I strongly believe that those marginal benefits will be canceled by the dislike of the smell. If you enjoy the scent of lemon, use lemon oil instead, better yet, create your own blend and create your own, best essential oils.

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