? Essential Oil for Headache + Nausea Remedy ? Roll On by Nutravana Aromatherapy

? Essential Oil for Headache + Nausea Remedy ? Roll On by Nutravana Aromatherapy

This is My Favorite Essential Oil for curing Headache and Nausea. I get almost immediate relief when I use it. I EVEN use it for my kids when they aren’t feeling well. It is made by Nutravana It Works BETTER for me than Tylenol and other Over the Counter Pain Medicine for relieving headaches. I also found a few different clinical studies that showed how great this worked for their participants. Its so much Healthier and better for your Body than taking all those man made chemicals!

It is a mix of Peppermint, Spearmint, and Lavender. It comes in a roll on glass bottle that is very high quality! The peppermint does a GREAT job alone curing headaches and nausea ALONE, but the Spearmint and Lavender just take it over the top and REALLY help me feel better FAST! This is a Must Have Item in my household!

How I like to use it (I feel its the secret to getting the most out of this remedy)… I find this helps me the most when I can get it as potent as possible. For me this either means putting the bottle straight up to my nose, or using my essential oil diffuser Necklace. The necklace allows me to put a few drops on the pad and hold it right up to my nose getting a very potent whiff of the amroma’s. THIS is what really helps the headache nausea go away. You need that STRONG cold sensation to travel up your nose and into your head/body. Rolling it on my temples and under my nose also helps but not as much as just smelling it straight.


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