?Healing ASMR Massage: Back, Hair & Scalp Massage | Soft spoken | Relaxation

?Healing ASMR Massage: Back, Hair & Scalp Massage | Soft spoken | Relaxation

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You are about to witness and experience a healing massage. I am going to be massaging the back, the head, scalp and hair, and using many different sounds including spraying, tapping scratching and skin sounds. All which you can experience in a truly binaural sound so it will really feel that it is happening to you. I am going to be using a smoke from a piece of wonderfully smelling wood Palo santo, and I’m going to smudge this smoke around, to set up the space, the atmosphere in which the relaxation and healing can happen. Today, we’re not going to rush, we’ve been rushing the whole day, so let’s spend a few moments undoing that ‘rushing’ habit. Also, I will be using some lavender oil to spray around, mixture of coconut and sesame oils, and some flower essences.
I call this massage healing because it is not about relieving the deep tissues of the muscles but truly providing a calm and caring space in which your body will activate your own internal healing system. I think that relaxation is so underestimated! Most people know they should do it but don’t think it is that important. How can doing nothing be important anyway? It doesn’t get you anywhere, and there is so much you want! Well, relaxation is not just a nice feeling of calmness. It is an altered state of consciousness, a state of regeneration, a doorway to connection – both to yourself and to others. I also believe that there is a difference between pleasure seeking and pleasure inhabiting. If you can truly inhabit your pleasure, without trying to get anywhere or to achieve anything, fully present with gratitude – it becomes a sacred practice.

For best binaural asmr results, wear your headphones.

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